Are you wondering what the best inflatable boats are?

You are in the right place for an answer: in this article, you will find some indications on how to orient your choice according to your needs and find the Joker Boat that best meets your requirements and preferences.

We believe that there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” answer and that the best RHIBs are those that are most capable of satisfying the client’s personal needs. Follow us then, as in this article we will show you some options by presenting you with our most successful models: Clubman, Coaster and Barracuda.

Clubman: our leisure boats for families, but also fishermen

Sunny trips at sea with your family? Clubman is the range of Joker Boat’s inflatable boats that might suit your needs, even if you have one or more children: you can enjoy large spaces onboard and unprecedented stability. You will also find dimensionally comfortable sunbathing areas with raised tubular in relation to the walkway for increased safety.

Not just for families: the Clubman range is also designed for fishermen and boaters, thanks to its great versatility.

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Coaster: a range of boats that are easy to use and guarantee stability

We designed the Coaster range to provide our customers with inflatable boats that are perfect everywhere and in any condition: trailerable, stable and easy to drive. Always!

These boats are an unparalleled guarantee and you can always put them to the test to see their incredibly high performance even in rough sea conditions. All models feature a minimal design and top-quality performances.

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Barracuda: our inflatable fishing boats

Hobbyists or professionals, it doesn’t matter: all fishermen will find the answer to their needs in the boats of our Barracuda range.

With maximum stability, ample space on board and effortless maneuverability, these inflatable boats are truly safe in every sea condition.

The main feature of the two models of the Barracuda range lies in their deck, designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of hobbyist or professional fishing.

All this without forgetting the modern and original design, especially given by the bow’s fascinating lines.

Take a look at the Barracuda range!

Joker Boat means maximum customization

Now that we have briefly presented our three ranges of Made in Italy RHIBs, you can get an idea of which model may be the most suitable solution. We’ll be waiting for you to fulfill your customized request.

Challenges do not scare us; quite the opposite: together, we will find the best inflatable boat for you!