Let’s look at how you can choose an inflatable boat that meets your needs with a brief overview of the features you should consider before buying or renting it.

The RHIB’s size: how many people are on board?

A crucial factor in making the right choice should focus on the number of people you want on board. Remember that having a relatively sizeable inflatable boat makes the navigation experience much more comfortable but, at the same time, increases management costs and makes transport a little trickier compared to smaller RHIBs.

Joker Boat’s pre-owned inflatable boats can contain from two to twenty-two people and their length can vary from 5 to 10 meters. According to our client’s requirements, we can provide different alternatives.

Once you have chosen the most suitable size of the boat based on the number of guests, it is essential to opt for a recently built model to have a modern and already tested boat.

The motor of your boat and the nautical license

After choosing an appropriately sized inflatable boat, you can evaluate its engine – a critical factor because it is related to the RHIB’s capacity.

The first interesting thing – which is often unknown – is that engines under 40 HP and with a size of 750/1000 cc do not need a boat license if they do not exceed six miles from the coast.

We would also like to stress out that it would be best to avoid undersized engines and not sacrifice the performance of your boat and its ability to glide. Furthermore, please remember that you will have to choose between a 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine in addition to the engine power.

The right choice? A Joker Boat!

Once you have carefully reviewed and evaluated all the previously mentioned elements, we recommend you carry out a sea trial to ensure you have purchased or rented the right boat for your needs and desires.

By choosing a Joker Boat, you can count on Made in Italy quality and expertise of over fifty years: our boats can be purchased new or pre-owned and can also be rented. Furthermore, you will find different solutions on our website and the chance to customize your boat as you prefer!

What are you waiting for? Find your perfect Joker Boat now!