Joker Boat is synonymous of innovation, high quality and fine craftsmanship made in Italy. Through our history we can boast of having created a unique and exemplary brand centered on the love of the yachtsman or the professional for boating

our long history


The Begins

Joker Boat was officially founded in 1979 by Giuseppe Aiello’s entrepreneurial adventure. Originally, his journey began with a brand named of EuroNauticSport a few years earlier. Specialising in small, fully hand crafted boats, EuroNauticSport was one of the first and most innovative nautical companies in Italy at that time.

Craftsmanship of Great Quality

The first boats built, were entirely hand-made and smaller in size. The technology behind these boats was restricted to tubes in hypalon texture and a folding, non-rigid, bottom complemented by a wooden floor or an inflatable keel. These boats still run today thanks to their high quality manufacturing after over 30 years. This principle of high quality is still maintained and characterises Joker Boat culture as a fundamental of our dogma.


The Italian RHIB Market

The 80’s achieved a record in sales results thanks mainly to the Profi 250, 300, 450 and 520 models. This success sparked the fist of the success of inflatable boats in the Italian market, triggering the innovative explosion that today breaks into fascinating models focused entirely on customer. Thanks to the Clubman and Coaster brands the world fell in love with the Joker Boat brand.


The 80s-90s

The 80s marked the beginning for Joker Boat’s exponential establishment as a brand on the global market. With a more eye-catching and international remodelling of the brand, Joker Boat moved its first steps to become a success in the years to come. The 80’s and 90’s marked the brand’s great success with more than 1,000 boats produced each year.


The first Clubman

Joker Boat began as a small boat manufacturer for models of less than 6 meters long called Coaster. Such RHIB boats where designed primarily for fishing and family leisure.
The majestic Coaster 550 and Coaster 420 remained flourishing until the late 80’s, when the Clubman series appeared on the international and national markets.

The Success of the Clubman & Future Developments

The Clubman’s, designed for families with children; They where the first Joker Boats with lengths over 6m. Innovative and powerful. They dictated and still dictate, style throughout the segment.

From the Clubman 19 to Clubman 28, passing though the 26 and 24; these were the most successful models for several years and still remain the company’s jewels along with many other models and other 4 modern series which spin off from them.

Over 700 boats left the factory every year for two decades, but with the Clubman that number increased to 1000/1100 units per year. This was made possible thanks to the continuous development of the range to remain on top of market demands, but also to development new series and new models.

Today, Joker Boat is a leader in listening to its customers and developing more and more “old” and new models. The customer remains at the center of the design of new models and always has the latest word about extravagance, practicality and layout on board.













Today Joker Boat rushes headlong into listening to its customers and developing more and more “old” and new models. The customer remains at the center of the design of new models and always has the last word on aesthetics, practicality and on-board layout.

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