Made in Italy inflatable boats since 1979

We have been manufacturing Made in Italy inflatable boats for over fifty years. The core of our success is our constant investments in innovation and quality materials to provide our customers with original, safe, customized boats. In other words, unique.

All our past, present and future pleasure & fishing boats are and will always be designed according to the needs and requests of our clients. Because of them, we can better understand the market requirements and create personalized products.

The artisanal quality of the Italian nautical tradition meets the most innovative technology in the industry to create inflatable boats suitable for different needs and preferences, always characterized by maximum comfort and functionality.

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Endless customisations

The customer is at the center of every new Joker Boat.

Being able to customise the colors and details of your boat makes each Joker Boat unique and even more inimitable .

we live for innovation, whether it be in manufacturing processes, materials or accessories.